Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pretty Liars

Pretty liars in front of me
Pretty liars beside me
Surrounded by these fallacious beings
My conscious sighs relief I am not taken to pursuit.

I have never bothered with perfection
It is a hollow thing
Which can only occur in one's mind
With a generous nod of hope, that others will agree;
Pretty liars make puppeteers wealthy
Moving effortlessly in tune with their unseen chords
Unseen cords
As they dance the dance of subjugation in hordes
Mistaking options for freedom.

It is a wondrous thing,
Delicate presentation,
A recognition of the art of presentation
In honor of one's nature and it's place within society;
Pretty liars forget the nature of men
Whom see beauty clear and concise;
They'll still be there in the morning if they love you.

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