Monday, June 16, 2014


Ghost lay silent between life and love
And somewhere between my soul did appear
Lost within his eyes sallow and closed
And the image of her head resting there
I saw the beauty of this place where
Souls came together at a quarter past twelve
Rocked to sleep by the rumble and sway
Of this dimension so bold
None of us could imagine another way.

His is the ghost
And I'd compromise for a chance to know that truth
Foray into the depths of an unknown soul
Come again, my friend
You can't know an end
To lids which cover the proof;
So I rest within words I'll rehearse again
As I flee into my fervor of dreams
Sit back beneath the lights
Hold myself tight
Maybe when I awake everything will be alright.

I found myself traveling down a dusty road
Of a memory I never thought too dear
Demons which I thought I'd let go
Their faces began to appear
Strange how the winds began to blow
As if God himself did hear
And to myself I thought
How could I ever forgive those souls
Who instilled all the heartache and fear?

Painful, the truths revealed with time
As the veils of youth begin to ascend
Shameful the fools whom convinced themselves
They've nothing to do with the sin
And ghost lay somewhere between these parallels
Stretched out before me for years;
Why did I have to run so far away?

It would take more than just a dream
To sail beyond the things I've seen
More than the woman who finally appeared
Too late for me to care
Beyond the currency of appease I use to blanket me.
I came to a place where I could live without a name
Needed to be a shadow so I could see
And the whispers upon their breaths would be mine alone
This is what happens when you have no home.

But maybe when I wake It'll be alright...

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