Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pillow Talk

Lord have mercy on these souls born today
Living in a world with one foot in it's grave
Children seeing fun in other's misery
Everybody running from responsibility

Contradicting nation at war
Yet sleeping with the enemy
Finding new ways to test the children
Before teaching them how to write and read
Every step forward
Is a slide back in line for me
Cattle to the call for them to slaughter me

All I'm really wanting
Is to wake from this dream now...

Take a walk with strangers
Holding hands with danger
Without a moment to breathe
My expanding waistline sees
Those behind the counters laughing
Lord have mercy on these trappings

And all I'm really wanting
Is to wake from this dream now...

Desperation breeds a syndrome
For thirty minutes of fame
Girls behaving badly
Just to have someone tweet their name
As a better dope hit the ghetto
Changed the game
Flying off the shelves
Ready-made to make insolent characters
In the mind of children breeding children
Just to make a dime
As they danced to a beat
Inclined only to petrify
Not to have them fly

All I'm really wanting
Is to wake from this dream now...

The lord had mercy on my soul
Because I was born yesterday
As bad as it was, it was still a better way
As I walk amongst the dead now

All I'm really wanting
Is a way to wake from this dream now...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mother Winter

Released from her womb
Forever I fell into doom
And questions within eyes
Each time that I pass them by
Of happenstance and why

But fate looms
On God's own plan
With my hands so dry
I try to make a man
Out of the boy
Which hides inside
Staring blankly out through eyes
Of happenstance and why

Each day I wake to look around
Try to make adjustments
To the changing sounds
Of my country
My skin tone
By sunset I realize each day
I am all alone
Without a home
Without a grave to rest my bones
I'm scattered to the wind
Increasingly unknown

She released from her womb
Left her consequence
And now I fall through doom
Part of a soul
part of a plan
Everything not of my own
Except my drying hands
I cannot hide
Each time they pass me by
In this rotation
Of happenstance and why...

After Dreams

Chilly sunrise welcomes me
Fading song sticking after dreams
Tired man speaks as they pass by
Within his eyes I lose myself and die
A thousand times a thousand so completely

Says we traded warrior for killing arms
Farms for rows of corn across the crown
Despite a freedom, most are still held down
No cause to fight, no reason to be better
Relying on what hopefully comes later

Blind, he asked me for a favor
My father taught me to be better
Pretending not to notice I tell him later
Make my way on illusions that it's safer
Somewhere underground within my mind

The more I look, the more I want to bleed
I petrify
Lost in never wanting to be me
Haunted, sometimes guided by my dreams
I scream at mysteries

He said it's our destiny to be denied
The more I look around, I think he's right...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early-Morning Train

A rumble in the distance tells me I'm here
The tumble of my stomach warns me of fear
Somewhere out beyond my windows it creeps
And I should be crying

Someone doesn't want me angry today
I don't want to see myself go that way
Somewhere in the dark it's creeping
I'm up and yet I know I should be sleeping

But that's what has me up here in the morn
Sleeping with these enemies that I scorn
At every turn I feel they're trying to kill me
Nullify me like my government completely
As somewhere beyond these windows it creeps
Resolutions set to pull me in deep
Beyond a truth that I know the train is lying
And with each swipe I know I should be crying...