Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Direction

Don’t you ever leave me
I know that it aint easy
We can take in a new direction
How could you release me
You’re the only one who sees
The beauty in my imperfections

I’m sorry but I’m through
Cause I can’t get to you

I’m headed in a new direction

I’ve wasted all my time
Done nothin’ but lose my mind

I’m headed in a new direction

But you say


I know we’ve played that game
Before, but now it’s not the same

I gotta head in a new direction

This thing has run It’s course
And now I’ve got no choice

There was never love in the equation

But you say,


On the other side it’s bright
I’m needing day instead of night
Truth over a dream
Whispers instead of screams
Kisses in place of lies
Laughter over my cries

I gotta go in a new direction
I’m tired of your imperfections

And I don’t want to hear you say

Don’t you ever leave me
I know that it aint easy
But we can take it in a new direction
I know you must be dreaming
Cause my feelings have never changed
You are the sum of my equation
Don’t go away this time
I promise I’ll make it right
I’m gonna go in a new direction
Please don’t ever leave me
You’re the only one who sees
The beauty in my imperfections

(Ad-lib fade out)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No More

Silent winter's here
I await rejuvenating spring
Want to
As flowers bloom
Stare into faces and breathe
A short

No more can I take
Smiles and contradictions
Ready-made stories
Of how the world's done them wrong
And yet they do all they can to remain;
No more
can I see with mine eyes
Nomadic souls
Eternally looking at mirages of truth
Because some government,
Some state,
A city,
This county,
That school,
Her family,
His community,
Has let them down
And despite my honest tries
They all want someone else
Bearing their burden.

No more I say!
No more I dream
As this wasteland creeps
Into the crevices of me
Till now I am late
Every day
Watching my cares evaporate
As vividly and quickly
As a warm exhale on a frigid day.

No more I say.

Uno Momento

Muted echoes
we ride on our way.
The best moments on the train
Are now
Not too far
Before the end of it's line
As burst of speed
Brings entrance to the outside worlds
Now just beyond and beneath it's tracks;
Countless windows
uniformity in chaos
hoping the sun will show
From behind the blanket of clouds
This mild day
Mild moment
Because there aren't too many people
Too many sounds
And too many things that matter more
Than getting a good start...

For Now

Night comes again
On the way to another sunrise
and moments most-likely familiar
But for now
Just thoughts of getting there
letting my guard down again
Welcoming conversations that will attempt
To size me up
Prejudice me into a pocket of familiarity
Where I'll hope to be change
Instead of material
So I can rattle about reminding of my presence;
For now
She sings in my ear
I close my eyes and see faces
In my timeline prehistoric
Of souls I am left to wonder in mystery
Of current whereabouts
And would they recognize me
Years older
Heavier with the appetites of the living
Weight of my soul?

For now
I'll attempt to move forward
Wake up in tomorrow
Take a look at me again
Trying not to count the lines
My rings of the passage of time...
For now.


Came rolling thunderheads across my horizon
Heard nature's rumble
Vibrating my world into me
My soul;
Shook me awake
Then drenched me in knowledge
Washed my ignorance away
Left my soil saturated
Rich with dreams and accomplishment
I could not see
Until I let go
Concentrating on the rising silhouette
Behind my destiny so far
The sun
Giver of life
As a love radiated upon its warmth;
Contemplating my new-found reason
I waited for the next storm to come my way...


Saw fireworks instantly
Had to double
Confirm that chemistry
Or denial
Which happened like most times
Though eyes told me
Quite contrary;
Fate is making me wait
maybe to frustrate
Triple back
Expressing what my heart tells me
Without conversation...
It's always worth the possible pain.

Over Ice

Penguin came into view
Waddling his balance
As they often do
Holding himself
Despite his pomp
Seemingly unsure of himself
Confusing bling for soul
Confusion for control
He is the path so many choose to take.

penguin came
His unfortunates in tow
Ghetto melody sung
Product of the equation
Society over culture
To the square-root hypotenuse
Bastardized belief
Of just whose job it is
At what time of the day
To raise this egg
Protecting it from elements
Usually more dangerous
The closer they are to home.

A penguin
Whose set of wings
Can longer help him reach the sky
Just the depths and darkness
Of his frigid world
But for the time someone takes to know him
Or question him
As they'll eventually do
In his right of passage
If it already hasn't occurred.

Penguin that I see
'Cept different nest
Could've been me;
Never forget your diminished wings.

Beyond the blue of your world
Again to skies you'll fly some other way...


Stupidity is a liquor
Flowing and sweet
Too many ingest
Throwing caution to the wind
Getting behind wheels of desire
Carelessly plowing
Into souls along the way
To their inevitable sobriety.


Ladled your mind
Dipped into your stream
Subconscious eloquence
Took a sip
Felt you slip down
Past diaphragm
into private places
Expanding me to expel
Loveliness of what you do to me...


Another piece of me fell away
Joined the ages which cake
Browning with rust
And that careless dust
Which becomes of busy
Moments and people who pass
Again and again.

Another piece fell
A ways down
Into the black nothing
Or maybe something
Just this side of my platform of possibility
As I wait forever too long
On an express train to deliver me;
But alas,
It's the weekend
And there is just local.

Fell away
leaving me to look in mirrors
Sometimes strangers eyes
For minutes too long
Caught upon hopes
I'll catch a glimpse of that little boy
Whom desperately prayed for release
First from walls
Then from mind
As it was the prison which held
Took life away
One bad decision at a time
Only to tease success
Momentary awakenings
Dressed in an urgency
Lacking now in complacency.

Another piece slipped away
Veneer flaking
Exposing me to elements
Of self and society
Meant to destroy
Returning me to a stained mother
Whose only purpose now
Seems to be
Maybe when I wake up
Sunshine will strike me
It's warmth blanket me
Sealing my daydream
That I am to be something greater
Beyond me
And pieces falling away
Leaving me hollow cavity
Longing to be filled.

Mental Excerpt #2

With memory I danced
Loved a pastime paradise
And as all good southerners do
Enhanced my stories
Making them bigger than me
Adult tree instead of seed
Till they escaped
And I could not grasp
To hold on to them
Instead leaving me
To watch them there
Out of reach
Stars which periodically shone
Through my hazy new world
And wishes to return
Which would never come true.

With subtlety I played
Procreated a stance
As all artist eventually do
Bigger than me
Never complete
To give me something
To look forward to
Always and forever
Creation being that ultimate gift.

With honesty I live
Sleeping in a bed of content
That hurts my back
More with each morning I wake;
That arches my back
With each fetal position I make
To make comfortable my dreams
So much larger than me...
Trees instead of seeds.


Lest blessings come
Like fall's leaves
Abundant and colorful
I fear what will be on my mind
Worry how long will I look
At all of them in detest
Till I eventually turn towards me
For words to lift me
Fly me above this blue trapping me
Lest I remember
Everything I need to complete
Is at my fingertips
In my sights
Never more than a few feet
And a couple of gel pens away
From permanent memory;
Lest me
I will move forward
For words
Despite those things
I feel complete
Not meant for me...