Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Front

I ran into the snow
And without them it was so

Tasted flakes above
Let them melt into my dreams
With these storms that come to play
I am robbed another day
Yet I find it so

Drifts higher rise
As plows push to the right
Skiing through the streets
The ice packed so tight
I keep slipping to the right
With a smile upon my face
Somehow it's so refreshing

Even with these flakes wearing me
Constantly falling
It's not as cold as it could be
And for a moment in time
I am free
Without voices
Anywhere to go
Flakes upon my tongue
Eyes stinging from the breeze
Smiling because it's all so

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Until Today

In some other time
I saw your smile
But it wasn't the right face

Some time long ago
Arms held me
But they weren't yours

In some other dream
You ran to me
But it wasn't you when I awoke

Until today

In some other pain
I understood what passion was
Upon some other heart
I chose to let go
Head another way
Because I didn't need the drama
That is

Until today

In some other song
They said they loved me
But it wasn't your voice

In another life
I thought I found complete
But you can't go to heaven
On half a soul

With some other dance
I was alone
And I thought
That was my fate

Until today

In some other bed
I lay awake
Feeling soiled

Jumped in a shower
To wash away
Held my breath
Beneath the stream
Just to feel safe

Until today...


lately I find myself dancing
Moving about
For hearts
And answers I deem important
I kick
Heel to toe
On the reverse
An emotional Glover
The locks of my hair
Tendrils of insecurity
Till I see
I'm not the only one
Around and around
Heel to toe
Toe to heel
To the left
To the right
Because answers
Turn it all around
The tap
Jump back
And slide
Of the movement
That is being...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Salt upon sidewalks
Gets me thinking
About some things
Not too pristine
In windows passed
People waiting
For approaching storms
They look the norm
But just as salt upon sidewalks
Some places bare
Some souls don't share
So I'll be slipping
Trying not to dream
For fear of breaking
And surgeries
That should be free
With my taxes see
Salt upon sidewalks
Like the stars
Crunching beneath my feet
As winter breeze
Attempts holding me
Breaking me
Before I'm behind my window panes
With the warm remains
Of what I've seen
Waiting on falling snow
To quiet my strident dreams...

Friday, February 5, 2010


I had a rather continuous series of dreams last night. In the final moments just before I woke, my dream character walked outside of a building only to find representations of the various obstacles in his life right in front of him. The sound of a bulldozer came and suddenly it just began crushing everything. It started to go faster and I began to run next to it. As we raced, it morphed into a buffalo running across an endless field of green. This is what I heard as the buffalo and I ran into the unknown...


Don't deny the breeze
Don't deny the breeze
Let it set you free
Set you free
Just to be

Play beneath the clouds
Come from under the shroud
Do it all out loud
Let it set you free
Set you free
Just to be

Make it mystery
As you go off free
As you stop to breathe
In the breeze
And you see
And you see
And you be...