Sunday, November 7, 2010

A VaJay-jae Monolouge

She looked like she could've been me
Down there
Between the truth
And the race to possibility;
Too much clay
Caked on with such urgency
And a 'do'
That only invited nightmares
To one's imagination.

Now next to her
In subtlety
Accentuated conformity
Outside of her crown
Reminiscent of the Kahn
Wild and untamed
Yet purposefully together;
They were together.
Shoulder to shoulder
Two Nubian delicacies
One lunch-time special
The other a main course
Punctuated with a glass of wine
Maybe creme bru-le'
And a sly smile
Cause you knew
You'd be gettin' some tonight...

Sentimental Questions

Sentimental questions
Flow across the mind
Overrun by tears
Each and every time
So I'm afraid to turn my tele on
Getting more connected
Yet I want to be alone
With my sentimental questions now.

No longer looking for a heaven
I've seen what it brings out of you
Inevitable judgments of blue;
Sadness is the question
Do we really want to know
The answer to what's greater than our self?
So I think I'll keep to myself
Working for the best of this hell.

Sentimental questions
Etched within the folds of their faces
All the questions of youth
Answered as proven lies to the test
Of going through the world not alone
Of conquering the decay of their bones...

Sentimental questions
Flow against my soul
In opposite directions
Of a truth I'd give a minute
Just to hold
Something beyond me
Truly connected
That has nothing to do
With my cellular phone;
No longer looking for your heaven
I wonder,
Would you care to be alone?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One-Sided Love Affair

With first sight
I wanted you
With first breath
I needed you
With first touch
I knew you
With first kiss
I loved you.

With first song
My soul was flying
With first wish
A blessing
As I lay with you
And it's been said
But bears repeating
I loved you.

With first sigh
I thought you
With first tear
I knew you
With last touch
I lost you
There would be
No more I love you's
No quiet eyes
To watch you
No lips to kiss you
In moments private
And amazing

I loved you
Too bad you cannot say the same...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kiss The Sky

Bind my wrist
You make me cry
Think I don't understand
How you deny

You look at me
Puppet we
Confuse our memory
Till we think
It we
And thus it be

Oh my, my little bird
Build your nest
Make it best
Push your children to the sky
Upon their wings
Before it take a cage
To have them sing

Want to be
Your history
Got me thinkin'
It be 'bout time
To uprise
Kiss the sky
Beyond the dream
Beyond those fantasies sold to us
Which make me want to scream

Little bird
Watch your wings
Before they
Your wings
Watch you fall
Now denied
Watch you fall
Beside the spring
Just to pick you up
Place you in cage
To sing

Oh my, my
How I try
Despite my wrist
Within these twist

Oh my, my
How I try
Despite these fist
I cannot raise
For it is believed the way
And though
Would bury me
Want to
Chop my tree
Get to testing me
I will survive
I have survived
And thus
We survive
Build our nest
Make it best
Push our children
To spread their wings
It takes a cage
To hear them sing;
Push our souls
To higher rise
Spread our wings
Kiss the sky...

Choice Words

The problem
Is choice.

Eloquence retreats
In matters of choice
As souls deem it fine
To impede on historical sensitivities.

The problem
Is you and I
Allowing those
Who would deny us the choice
To dictate our lives
With this illusion
Of making of difference
Through choice
Or better yet,
The will of the people
Knowing full well
Beyond emerald delicacies
Choice withers
Under the oppression of fact
That when given a choice
Someone will always make the wrong
Simply because
They choose to do so...

Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday fades
Tomorrow's conceived
But for today
Caught between letting go
And holding on
As I view this growing collection
In my closet
Already overrun
With things I couldn't
As I still attempt
To fit into existence
Despite my growing appetite
For difference.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cyclical Degradation

Tired of writing
I want to live
As silent observation
Chronicling becomes me.

Now they all look the same
With their i-pods
And cheap hats
Sold by cheap people
Who could give a shit about quality
Could give a shit about quality;
They sound the same
As they converse their computers
They niggaz
That nigga
And the mida
Who wouldn't provide that side of pussy
To go with his lame excuse
For masculinity...

Just plain bored.
I need a new scene
New people
Even if only to inevitably discover
They are all the same
Laughing at the same jokes
Lamenting over the same coin
Wasting more precious moments
On the degradation of we.

I'm tired of writing.
I'm tired of observing.
I want to live.
Want to have someone write about

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Binding Ties

Trying to make sense
Of ties that bind
I'm up a little late.

Stories flow
Stories I never imagined here
With us;
Not that things were ever perfect
But I know they did a better job
Than to deserve a fate
Second only to hell itself.

That sacrifice could be made
And not returned
Shouldn't shock me
Our world is still full of sin
Even after that ultimate sacrifice;
A side still pierced
To drain life's blood.

The errors unrecognized in youth
Become the troubles of age
Unless ties that bind
Are strengthened;
The ties that bind
Through adversity of the soul
Remain strong
Within me
As I draw closer
To those decisions
That beg one to prove
Ultimately show
Who they've become
Further along life's path.

The Wanting

Wanting you
I drown in dreams
Beneath the things
I want to do
Upon having you.

Wanting you
I occupy
Too many things denied
Beneath the flesh
Within the sins
Of places I want to go
So far to have you know
I want you so.

First star I see
I'll wish for you and me
First tear that falls
Waiting on your call
Makes sweeter everything
Truth of all
I want to do
Upon having you.

Wanting you
I'm skirting clues
Maybe it's too late
To swim in you
Without needing rescue
From beneath the blue
From beneath my pleas
Obstructing advancement
Through your tides
Seeking to drown my being
In my daydream
Which consumes
All I want to do
Upon having you...

Thank-You Note

Dedicated to my dad. Happy Father's Day...

"Thank-You Note"

Through silence
I thank you.
Through quiet existence
I thank you.
Through internal peace
I thank you.
Through spiritual affirmation
I thank you.
Through the struggle
Through the tears
Through the successes
I thank you.
Through their eyes
I thank you.

I've never been much of a man
But I'm an amazing individual
Who breathes
Exuding lessons
You knew only time would prove
Were learned well;
I never been much of a son
But everyday I'm entrusted
To be the father you were to me
And so I thank you.

I thank you today
Every time
Decisions come
And I am able to respond
With pride
Not just from myself
But others
Who look to me
To be the leader
They take me to be.

In honor
I thank you.
In principles
I thank you.
In honesty
I thank you.
Through Alike
Breath and blood
I thank you.

What I was
What I am
What I shall be
I thank you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Days Like This

Org. written yesterday, I got in too late to post it. In honor of June 7th, 2010... Enjoy!

"Days Like This"

It's days like this
Despite the sadness of the world
All is beautiful.

Days like this
Everyone smiles
Of all that is beautiful.

You don't see the cracks
In sidewalks or life
And for a moment fleeting
You are transported back
To almost any time
Connected in the art
Of relaxation.

Days like this
Despite the truth
You never want to go away;
Despite the occasional cloud
You know the sun will shine again
That love will find a way
And ultimately
We will all be at peace
In the beautiful moments
Of memories
Of days like this.

Monday, June 7, 2010

June Paradox

Sippin' on my tea
Thinkin' equality
My meaning of
Too much is
No price to pay
We give
Sling it out to the masses
So much now they
Without thinking
Where's mine?
In my pocket
Paradox being
I work for me
Yet I pay for you
And 'Sam gives you more money back?
Yet you say
That I am free
This and that is
Even the word includes

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Here in silence
I am thinking
Around debris
Of a broken world
Waiting for a sunrise
That may never come
In my darkest hour
Of escape...

Is there light
Over where you are?
Far away
On the eternal horizon;
Is there pain?
Is there peace
And have the people changed
Beyond the flesh
Further from the sinner
We are all born to be?

Here in silence
Waiting for a sound
Longing for the strange
To devour me with it's hate;
In my thinking hour
A sinner on his shame
Searching the void
Through the pictures of his past
Fading slowly
Slowly to his fate...

Deliver me from the black.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ending To Begin

Stars are only fading photographs
And wind
A precursor to change
Our direction's blowing sadly
Toward annihilation's plain.

Whispers are for children
And a time
When one wants to lie to themselves
Lie that they are so important
Nothing matters but the self

Universe expands
Only to collapse upon itself
One in the same
Our society
Waiting for deflation
God's balloon in a garden
Where unruly children play
Whispering their secrets
Stealthily on their paths to doom
On their paths to age

Now I see the light
Unafraid to turn the page
Ending to begin
Just to grace a stage
Infinite as the cosmos to which time plays
Beneath the universal truth
For as much life that fades
Still even more death remains
Hidden in the darkest winds of change...

Monday, May 31, 2010


Unplugged we watch
Listening to the urban symphony
Hear the cornucopia of tunes

Unplugged we wonder
From left to right
And back again
What is she reading?
Is he penning something about me?
And what is that noise
Underneath the train...

Unplugged I see them
Trying to escape
The way the plugged-in one's do
As they bob, shift, or play
Only to glance my way
My pen catching their eye
As it gets lost
In a myriad of conversations
About life and its ways...

What It Is

I can smell the green she plucks
Tossing it to the floor
In an unknown measurement;
It smells clean
Blanketing the grime
And then she's gone
Yet her emerald droplets remain...

I can see his spill
Tossed to the floor
In a momentary lapse of unconsciousness;
It smells of salt
And of spices that entice
In the late hour of aggravation.

And then he's gone
Yet his artwork remains...

I can hear them caw
Taunting souls unseen
The behavior of girls
Still locked in their castles
Waiting for charm;
And then they are gone
Yet my ears vibrate the same...

But it doesn't matter
As I stare
At droplets of emerald
And smell
Get lost in their quiet reminder
There is so much more to the world
Than what we decide to see...

Old Fashioned Love

That old fashioned love
Sat diagonal from me
And I dreamed...

Went far off
To places unseen
Beyond glimpses
I caught
But can't seem to remember;
A contrasting quiet
To the noise that ensues
As the present boards
And we look to each other
Shaking our heads in wonder
Yet clear understanding
This is why you girls don't have men...

Old fashioned love
Connected with me
As I attempted to capture it's beauty
Looked to me
With eyes of wisdom
And smiled
Somehow knowing
I was an old fashioned love
Looking for solace
In a new fashioned world
Seeking nothing but the burial
Of all that we were
In the delicate act
Of the perception of the unseen...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't Read Me

Inspired by Prince's "Don't Play Me"...

"Don't Read Me"

Don't read me
You are
Underneath my
Staring back at my dreams.

Don't read me
Try to figure me
Between my lines
Underneath my stanzas;
You couldn't read enough of me anyhow
To see enough of me
Or way
Know me
Between my sheets
In the way my beats
When you're not hearing me
Divulging me
And moments passed
I try best to explain
In that art of moving on
Which damns me
Figures me
So fine.

Don't read me
Hear me
Resonate me
Reverberate the soul
As my passion plays
In the consciousness of you
And I
Between my beats
Underneath my sheets
And the stanzas that fall
Unprotected so beautifully...

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Tango In The Night

He forgot their names
He brought them shame
Within his darkness
Light never came

Softly her kiss
Stole him away
Sang him lullabies
Of sweet escape
Within darkness
They slipped away
Upon something inhumane
And light never came

Quietly his soul
Took her breath away
And they forgot their names
Understood no shame
With each step made
In each others arms
They slipped away
Upon unspoken pains
Never caring if the brightness came

They thought them vain
Could not forget their names
Laughed behind their shames
Secretly wishing the same
Within a darkness
Within a pain...

Roll Call

Request for poems come all the time, but rarely am I actually moved to write one (without I was close to not writing with this latest request, but as I thought of the individuals for whom this piece was composed, it took me back to a group who've I've always wanted to write something for. These were those special educators of my past whom provided some of my earliest and most vivid memories. To them and the retirees of ps36K, this poem is for you... As always, enjoy...

"Roll Call"

These names came to me
And my first memories
Were of halls
Whose opposite ends
Contained rails of opposing shades
Red here
Blue there;
Of rooms
Whose doors seemed so heavy
They'd lock you in
Of floors
Polished to the point
Were it not for the fact they were wood
They would've been transparent;
But mostly of them
With the names like
And Compton
Or Tarr
Those with their bright ideas
Who sought to introduce me
To the intellectual world...

And at that time,
I didn't want to learn.

Then there were the ones who saw
Beyond the changing scenes
That I would not be lost
To my loins
And those inescapable pressures
We placed on each other
To do whatever
As we started to sniff ourselves;
Those were the names
Like Wuckovitch
Coffee and Phillips;
Believing and exposing
Feeding the desire
I still did not recognize within me
That lay dormant
Biding it's time to flourish...

Those were the ones
Who would not let me fail
Even as society bound their hands
Even as the district weathered
Those phone calls from my mother
Because the ones before
Could care less
As they escaped each afternoon
Back to their privileges
Figuring they'd pass the buck
On my lazy
On my haziness of perception
About the world
And just where it was within it
I could actually be...

At that time,
I was learning to learn.

I hadn't stopped learning
By the time they came
Those who fanned the flames
Shaped my coal of existence
With Pressure and time
Into the internal diamond
All take me to be;
Those who sought to tell the world
There was no denying me
That I would not lay down
A statistic;
They were the names like Goff
Graves, Benfatta, St. Amant,
Brown, Raynor, and Holmer...

These names came to me
And I realized why I was here
You were here
Because there is nothing greater
Than the one;
The one who'll stand
Far off in the sands of time
Reciting their own roll call of greatness
The one
Who'll hold their child close
And give their child's educator
A nod of appreciation
For the struggle
As hands are bound
By entities substituting
Testing for educating;
The one
Who will take the place
Carry the torch
Igniting the flame of learning
Within souls who have no idea
Just what it is
The world may bring...

The one I became,
As I loved to learn.

At The Edge Of A Verse

If you asked me now
What would I say
Looking in your eyes so far away
There where your heart stays
Plays in things that make me sing
Sad songs of broken dreams

If you asked me now
I'm afraid I would fall
Back into your arms
And all of your songs that sing
Promises untrue of the greatest things
You could bring my heart
But lock away in your misery
Which somehow I must breathe
In order to be
In this moment still
Broken and barren of all my will

If I asked you now
What would you say
Of the truth I placed in front of you?
Could you love me now
Open and free as the things that come to me
When I see you smile
When you're holding me
And all's like poetry
Making me high
Seeing things I never thought to know
But need to know now
Here at the edge of the verse that is you...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 Shades Of Me

My palate fell to the floor
Where colors once individual
Began moving
Unbound to their placements
Dawdling at first
Unsure of their freedom
Waiting for the brush
To sweep them back into place
Until they realized the prospect of their escape
Leaving their solitary paths
Joining the herd
As it stormed across the plain of creation.

Kicking up a jubilant dust
Their vivid display
Became dense and muddy
Akin to my emotional state
As thoughts of starting over again re-entered;
Muddled yet concise
I dipped into their strange new hue
Puddled at the base of my resolve
Painting ecstasy
one stroke at a time...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Something Special

He got a little dirt on his face
But that's alright
The makeup of work

She got a bounce to her sway
Internal drum
Beating strong
The mother-land's song,
And that's alright
A little rhythm

They got a way
Of making me smile
Even as I worry about their fates;
Got a way
Of making me think
About illusions of choice
We paint;
But it's all alright
The different notes to the songs
Arrangements to the rhymes
Strokes of their brush
Leaving me with resolve
Leaving me
With faith...


Usually I'm not here
In the late
In the down
But I used to...

I miss them.
Miss the swirl and rock
Of my contents
Their painted faces
And the oddity of their existence
Like the ones across from me
Attempting to blend
In their Williamsburg wear
Of patched jeans
Dingy colors
And worn out shoes
Hip wear...

I'm not here
I'm sleeping;
Dreaming of fitting in
A square peg
To a tubular hole
Denting it's sides
Placating it's truth
To achieve
Even an imperfect meld
To the shapes of perfected molds
That would deem me
And mine
A part of the plan
At least beyond the one
Only we could understand...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mad Sweat

I'm breakin'
Sweatin' it out
Wishin' I could go without
The drama
This virus placed in me
Need to be

I'm livid
And vivid
In my dreams
In the detoxification
Of my spirit
Drowning in a mad sweat
Too achy to attempt
To save myself
Drinking gallons
Pissing barrels
Tryin' to hold it still
Keep it together
As the chill creeps out of my mind
Enveloping me
Till I am left a natural set of castanets
Teeth rapping against each other
Producing the music of the damned
Breakin' me
Forcing me to return to the warm pool that waits
Beneath and within...

It's a bitch being sick.

Girl On A Pole

She swung herself around
And around
And around some more
Giving us a show
Little miss thang
Happily in bliss
With each twirl upon her stage;
I had to laugh
If I'd grown up here
Would I have been as playful?
I doubt it
Was not a performance destination
In my mother's eyes...

I laughed again
Hoping the woman
Often glancing my way
Didn't think me crazy;
She smiled instead
And I think we both settled
Into memories and far gone possibilities
Still caught
Twirling around
On our own stages of innocence
Lost in the spotlight of responsibility
Deeming it fine
To just sit and watch
An audience to the evolution of a soul
We just happened to cross
On our way to the great wherever...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Within shoes and socks
Within shirts and pants
Within hair and flesh
Within reason and thought
Within truth and dreams
Within freedom and chains
What exist
Within eyes
Within voice
Within fate
And of course
Within choice
Within song and line
The lines
Wait in
To spend
What they won't give me
What I've
That they
Won't give me
What I've
They won't give we
Within chance
That we

Within book and verse
Within praise and curse
Within heart and hand
Within reason
That I
Each time you
Within me
And thus again
Only to stake mistake
Upon each of our faces
To aid the decay
That exist
But is feared to recognize...

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Baby come to me
I need some ecstasy
Need to kiss you deep
Be the one
Who makes you come

Run into this fantasy
Where there's only you and me
Underneath the sun
Our bodies
Becoming one

Come and let me lay you down
Underneath your favorite sounds
Make your rivers flow
Just to get to know your heart

Baby come to me
Let me take you the highest peak
Steal your breath
So you can't say

Baby run to me
Let me give that ecstasy
Fulfill your fantasies
Be the one that makes you come
And over;
Let me love you deep
Just to get your heart to speak
That I'm the only one
To make your rivers flow
And over;
Let me kiss you sweet
Hike your canyons deep
Lose my breath beneath your heat
Make you come
And over...

Just to be your dream
That becomes reality
And over...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Idella's Rhapsody

This piece is dedicated to my mother in her time of loss...

"Idella's Rhapsody"

I knew you
But I didn't know you
But you made my mother happy
And for that
I loved you.

I remember when you came around
My mother's excitement
Couldn't be contained
Like Celie reuniting with Nettie
Her best friend
Had come home.

I don't think I ever remember hearing your name
Before then
But afterward
I knew I would never forget it.

I remember stepping into your pristine world
Of travel
(You'd lived in Boston
How exotic in my mind)
Of manicured lawns
And a show home
With fair walls
High ceilings
So high
It seemed my dreams could hang there
In that perfection;
I remember the joy I felt
Every time my mother would say
'We're goin' over to Tiny's'
You were escape
For her
For us
And you made my mother happy.

Long before the brick
And the splits
Of those precise worlds
Were a dose of truth
With your cigarettes and beer
And the way you
As I now do
Of your night skin
Brightening your alabaster grin
And my mother's days
When the sun seem to set
A little too early on her happiness.

Time faded you
Oh beautiful black rose
But there you stood
Proud and unfathomed
Amongst weeds
Feverishly attempting to strangle you;
My mother's smiles disappeared
Replaced with periodic reports
Of the gales that would come
Into your field seeking to topple you;
Though you would bow for a moment
You always arose
To let the blessings above
Shine down upon you.

I remember that last time I saw you
Because it was the first time
Those sepia memories returned
And I was reminded of the influence
You had upon my life
That you will never know;
A few of your petals lay strewn about
Yet your bouquet lingered strong
And you made my mother smile...

It was a chance conversation
Upon which I discovered
The gardener's shears had taken you;
I heard that sorrow in her voice
Sent my love to those who knew you best
And begin to feel that tickle in my mind
Which led me here
To write for her
For you
And those
Whom I cannot embrace right now
To comfort;
Sad as I am
I have to remember
That the world got to see you grow
And at the end of the day
You made my mother smile...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Trapezoidial Daydream

Shapes I've never seen
Warped in shadows
As information streams
Past my eyes
Into the sub being;
They'd make my life complete
If it weren't for these things

Songs I cannot sing
Verses that make no sense
Warped from the linguistics
Of economic travesty
Streams past my ears
Into my being;
They'd make my life complete
If it weren't for these things

Fields of forest green
Moving in unison of spring
Warped like a silken screen
Flow elegant
Through my dreams
Past my soul
Into my seeds
I'd plant
If I had a home
That would make my life complete
If it weren't for these things

I looked into their eyes
Saw all the shapes
That were
Shall come to be
And I screamed
Bathed in scarlet characters
Warped in shadows
Of naivete' and green
I wonder if I was among the last to know
Which made my life complete
Because I could not have these things...

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Longest Walk

I had to perform a sad duty today. It broke my heart because whatever progress this individual made will now be tainted and their view of any educational system will always carry an undertone of mistrust...

"The Longest Walk"

It was the longest walk.
I gathered his things
Watched him unaware
Saw him happy
A child
Any child
Watched him wave goodbye
Caught in a glass revolving door
He should never know exist
Was about to become all too familiar with

Quietly we looked to each other
Those aware
Their faces said it all
Like mine
We wanted to somehow
Save him
From the inevitability of that stroll;
It was the longest walk
And we hadn't even made it out into the hall...

He came to me
Took my hand
Instinctively I held him
A little firmer
Finding myself bringing his head
Closer to me
To comfort myself
Maybe transfer a little bit of the love
I have for them all
To him for his journey;
Of course as we entered the hall
He turned towards the familiar exit
But I one-eighty'd
My hand to his back
In a gentle swoop
Guiding him
Leading him
Failing him
Even though it wasn't my actions
That brought this moment.

We passed a few people
Whom later would say
'I saw it on your face'

Of course
My eyes always give it away
And yet he was still unaware...
It was the longest walk.

Half way down the stairs
I didn't want to do it anymore
I wanted to tell him
To go on
I didn't want him to equate me
To the situation
In some foreign place
With foreign people
He would never trust
Because like me
In the end
Would let him down
Take him away
Walk him away...
It was the longest walk.

We entered those final two rooms.
There before us
A boy
Any boy
He looked up
And to my horror
I saw him
Waiting for his younger self
Questioningly the younger called his name
The older remained silent
He'd already taken that long walk
(I wonder if he did it alone?)

It was here that reality dawned
He looked to me
Me quickly looking away
I could feel his weight shift
As he haunched
In that familiar
'What have I done now?' pose
And yet we still
Hadn't made it to our destination.

We went through that final doorway.
There they were
The powers that be
With their notebooks
Memos and pens
Ready to make the transfer...
There was nothing I could do
Nothing I could say
I'd never experienced this
(Well, not this way)...

She turned
Said his name
Quietly he said

It was the last thing I heard him say.
And as long as that walk had been
To get there
It was
And will be
An even longer one to escape...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The world's problems ALWAYS start at home.


He got a cell phone
Two rocks in his ears
A colorful pair of Tims
Brushed to perfection
Like they just came off the floor
Out of the box
From the back room storage;
In his pair of jeans
He dials through his tunes
Head bobbing to whatever
As he recites
Like he's on stage
Madison Square spotlight
His name in those big letters
Out on the digital marquee;
All the pretty girls
(And some ugly ones too)
Young and old
Bat those eyes
Tell him
How fine he is
From stem to stern
With his braids
His smile...

The problem is
He's only twelve years old.

She is with her posse
I can't say friends
Because females
In case you didn't know
Make amazing the ability
To fight and make-up
Within a single breath;
Her jeans are tight
Showing hills
That will grow
Into treacherous mountains
That many a rig
Would attempt to traverse
Only in failure
To end up at the base of her canyon
Ragged and deep;
Each time she opens her mouth
My ears ring
Filling my mind with visions
Of walking into the Source Awards
And just about blowing everyone away
Because this is the end result...

She's probably about 12 or 13.

Damn these parents
And their toys
Their baby dolls
They dress and spoil
In a permanent tea time;
Damn these parents
And their toys
Who look like adults
Talk like adults
But demand like babies
The latest
Except they're aware
Deeming me wrong
When I say it is not my
Or our responsibility
To give in to that fantasy;
Damn these parents
And their toys
Who rape my cash
When they're the one's
Who chose to spread
Who chose to laugh
The 1st time they said 'bitch'
In public
And let them run
Set the pace
To how life would be;
I had to earn
Through behavior and grades
Things were done on their time
I had to fear
With that fear ultimately growing
To respect
For others
For them
And their hard work
At fashioning me
A man
Who ultimately respects himself...
So damn these parents today
And their toys
Mistakenly known as children.

The House

I'd always heard about a certain location in Manhattan... Truly, it was like going to another world.

"The House"

Muted tones
Gluteus Maximus
Yeah, I know
A made up word
But truth
In this den of the forgotten
With their dollar bills
Or so it's thought
Till one understands
Past their vericose existence
And silver hair
Underneath these lights
With their flattering propensity
Next to these conservative walls
With the vibrancy of youth
As if to say
Be there
But don't
A time so many try to pass
So many have forgotten
So many will never know
In their petticoats and cardigans
Or at least today's equivalent of...

I sat
Danced with my eyes
Moving about the room
Catching periodic stares
As I was sized-up
Till one was so bold as to sit next to me
Until I informed him
There was nothing he could
Or would do for me
And no,
I won't take that drink...

We're both a little too old for that game.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ghetto Songs

On my way to work
The words coming strong
On my way to teach
But the more I'll learn
Tantamount to things
In my horrid dreams
Beneath trees I'd attempt to sleep
But there are no leaves

See it on their faces
All that we've become
A people who've forgotten
Their past underneath the sun
Tantamount to things
We once sang and dreamed
Beneath the trees I'd hide
But there are no leaves

Left with ghetto songs
For my misery
Left with ghetto psalms
For some company
Coupled with my qualms
That there are no trees
Underneath where I can dream
With shading leaves

On my way to learn
Today's history
I'll see it on their faces
The complacency
Tantamount to things
In my silent scream
Echoing so loud
On these leafless trees

Left with ghetto songs
To succeed my being
Left with ghetto psalms
To release these things
I am left to dream
In my homecoming
Where I'll rest beneath the shade
Of my completed trees

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Truth

Time is a warrior
On a field of disguise
Killing with stealth
And unbiased eyes
I wait with wonder
Of my moment's demise

Fate is a scent
Hanging subtle on a breeze
Teasing with haste
And a hypocritical ease
Leaving me waiting with wonder
Of my wants and my needs

Truth is a bandit
Ready to pilfer one's dreams
Lurking between characters
In the chapters we read
I turn with anticipation
Of an end unseen

Result is the entity
That governs them all
Like a fox
Wily and free
Seeking only survival
Between mating calls
I hunt only for glory
Beyond these forest of walls...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Front

I ran into the snow
And without them it was so

Tasted flakes above
Let them melt into my dreams
With these storms that come to play
I am robbed another day
Yet I find it so

Drifts higher rise
As plows push to the right
Skiing through the streets
The ice packed so tight
I keep slipping to the right
With a smile upon my face
Somehow it's so refreshing

Even with these flakes wearing me
Constantly falling
It's not as cold as it could be
And for a moment in time
I am free
Without voices
Anywhere to go
Flakes upon my tongue
Eyes stinging from the breeze
Smiling because it's all so

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Until Today

In some other time
I saw your smile
But it wasn't the right face

Some time long ago
Arms held me
But they weren't yours

In some other dream
You ran to me
But it wasn't you when I awoke

Until today

In some other pain
I understood what passion was
Upon some other heart
I chose to let go
Head another way
Because I didn't need the drama
That is

Until today

In some other song
They said they loved me
But it wasn't your voice

In another life
I thought I found complete
But you can't go to heaven
On half a soul

With some other dance
I was alone
And I thought
That was my fate

Until today

In some other bed
I lay awake
Feeling soiled

Jumped in a shower
To wash away
Held my breath
Beneath the stream
Just to feel safe

Until today...


lately I find myself dancing
Moving about
For hearts
And answers I deem important
I kick
Heel to toe
On the reverse
An emotional Glover
The locks of my hair
Tendrils of insecurity
Till I see
I'm not the only one
Around and around
Heel to toe
Toe to heel
To the left
To the right
Because answers
Turn it all around
The tap
Jump back
And slide
Of the movement
That is being...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Salt upon sidewalks
Gets me thinking
About some things
Not too pristine
In windows passed
People waiting
For approaching storms
They look the norm
But just as salt upon sidewalks
Some places bare
Some souls don't share
So I'll be slipping
Trying not to dream
For fear of breaking
And surgeries
That should be free
With my taxes see
Salt upon sidewalks
Like the stars
Crunching beneath my feet
As winter breeze
Attempts holding me
Breaking me
Before I'm behind my window panes
With the warm remains
Of what I've seen
Waiting on falling snow
To quiet my strident dreams...

Friday, February 5, 2010


I had a rather continuous series of dreams last night. In the final moments just before I woke, my dream character walked outside of a building only to find representations of the various obstacles in his life right in front of him. The sound of a bulldozer came and suddenly it just began crushing everything. It started to go faster and I began to run next to it. As we raced, it morphed into a buffalo running across an endless field of green. This is what I heard as the buffalo and I ran into the unknown...


Don't deny the breeze
Don't deny the breeze
Let it set you free
Set you free
Just to be

Play beneath the clouds
Come from under the shroud
Do it all out loud
Let it set you free
Set you free
Just to be

Make it mystery
As you go off free
As you stop to breathe
In the breeze
And you see
And you see
And you be...

Friday, January 22, 2010


Yes it has a been awhile. With the approach of Black History Month and a moment of clarity thanks the awesomeness that is Sade, this piece came to me... Enjoy, and keep the faith!


Stolen heart
Caged upon golden shores
Carried away
In bellies of greed
Upon saline waves
We followed the gourd

Stolen fruit
Sweetest plums
Beaten and bruised
For the juice therein
To rest in the bellies of men
Who would build their nation

Stolen tears
Wails beneath the sun
Now forgotten songs
Blue rhythms
Lifted to the gourd
What lay beyond
Hope and a faith
As real as the greed
In the bellies of men

Stolen tongue
Made silent
Only to yell
Carrying a million
Screams unheard
In the bush
And beneath the waves
Of escape
As we followed the gourd
Looking to fill our bellies
With the promises of men
Eating and defecating
At their own tables...