Sunday, November 7, 2010

A VaJay-jae Monolouge

She looked like she could've been me
Down there
Between the truth
And the race to possibility;
Too much clay
Caked on with such urgency
And a 'do'
That only invited nightmares
To one's imagination.

Now next to her
In subtlety
Accentuated conformity
Outside of her crown
Reminiscent of the Kahn
Wild and untamed
Yet purposefully together;
They were together.
Shoulder to shoulder
Two Nubian delicacies
One lunch-time special
The other a main course
Punctuated with a glass of wine
Maybe creme bru-le'
And a sly smile
Cause you knew
You'd be gettin' some tonight...

Sentimental Questions

Sentimental questions
Flow across the mind
Overrun by tears
Each and every time
So I'm afraid to turn my tele on
Getting more connected
Yet I want to be alone
With my sentimental questions now.

No longer looking for a heaven
I've seen what it brings out of you
Inevitable judgments of blue;
Sadness is the question
Do we really want to know
The answer to what's greater than our self?
So I think I'll keep to myself
Working for the best of this hell.

Sentimental questions
Etched within the folds of their faces
All the questions of youth
Answered as proven lies to the test
Of going through the world not alone
Of conquering the decay of their bones...

Sentimental questions
Flow against my soul
In opposite directions
Of a truth I'd give a minute
Just to hold
Something beyond me
Truly connected
That has nothing to do
With my cellular phone;
No longer looking for your heaven
I wonder,
Would you care to be alone?