Monday, July 7, 2014

Prayer Beyond Sunset

Blue moon sings sweet and low
A delicate tune to open my eyes
Turn the air that surrounds
To something which slows
My thoughts
Allowing me to see clearly
Despite the tainted goggles which grace my face.

Blue moon as I cross the ever again
And promises spoken in haste return;
Children angry anointed with the failings of their father.
Save me
Save me
Save me
Save me...

And would they even care
Knowing where their children are?
Blue moon answers back to me
That I already know the answers to the riddles I produce.

Blue me
Blue moon upon my tongue as stars fall
And left unanswered
Twisted tones as blues turn to blacks
And midnight's back to me
Scarred and desperate for minutes more to rule
Before sunrise has it's fun...

Blue moon speaks
To blue me
Blue eyes which see
And shed blue tears
Because there are no other shades
No other fates
And truth will cease to reveal itself.

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