Sunday, August 26, 2012

Personal Space

In the spirit of returning to work, an homage to what is now far too commonplace.

"Personal Space"

Left arm across bar
She's not holding on physically
But verbally
To every negative streo-type
The sights and sounds echoed
Over and over again;
Neon nails
And some deprived Indian's hair
Loosely tied to her naps beneath
But I dare you to ask
'It's mine, I bought it!' she'll yell in reply.

Ghetto princess
Her cheap hem reeks assy
As classy escaped
The moment she fell out of some woman's twat;
Dirty as the mouth which speaks
As the attitude common
Her friend a 'Forever 21' bag in tow
It is their name badge
These females
Who are females
Between legs and sheets only
But men otherwise
Who devour and conqure
Despite this public space
And the children who listen and learn.


I'd swear the sun moved across the sky a little faster
That the moon vanished behind the dark
One too many times
That stars fell to my feet in laughter
At their master's joke
And that I couldn't conceive the irony.

I'd swear the grass makes me itch now
And the beach's sand grates my flesh
That my tears never flowing
Wait in a cul-de-sac to flood
The remainders of my life
As leaves fall to my feet in laughter
In understanding their master's intent
And that I could not grasp the irony.

I swear that toys still speak to me
And songs of the pew have never faded
That my eyes would still betray me
And my gut can never fill
As my tongue can never taste
Because my heart will not be still
As it falls to my feet forever laughing;
The joke's on me... isn't it?


Took a dip in sunshine
Burned my eyes
But I felt fine
Cause I woke up in the light of understanding
Instead of me
Self and I;
Want nothing more
Than rays
Bright yellows
Sweet oranges
Peeled back revealing
Dampened divinity of all that could be
With each bite decided to take.

Took a bath in sunshine
Changed my flesh
But I feel fine
Staring back at me
In the reflection of your heart
Sweet mandarin to my often bitter berry
Of doubt;
Too many questions without
I don't really want to hear
Because as I just learned
It is my nature
My bitter peel
To protect my sweet
From jaws seeking to ravage
Hunger to ingest
Swallowing another
Taken from our trees premature
Left to ripen in crates
We have no choice but to be placed in.

I wait for the drip, drip
Sticky destruction
Of my nature sublime...

And maybe,
Just maybe,
I'll be yours in time.

Forgive & Forget

In a moment forgive
In a lifetime forget
Upon a dream release
Those things which haunt
Yet somehow known
Despite the darkness which shrouds;
Shadows have weight.

Innocence cocooned
Split to reveal
A butterfly to become
Despite nature's attempt to delay
Took flight immature
Survival It's quest
Weakened wings made it to the horizon
And what lay beyond;
The light strengthens.

Eyes look now
Look past
In a moment remember
Take a second, no
A delayed moment to reminisce
Tis best to forgive
In a lifetime of forget-me-nots
And dreams which beg for flight
Upon midnight wings
To a place of no regret;
The weight lifts.

Maturity walks into the present
Accepts It's past
Calms It's soul and listens

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Another sad love song
And I look to faces who interpret me
Upon some mule
Belongings in tow
Lost in misery
To the point I must look to heaven
Hoping for release.

I want vibrant
Jagged rhythms
Screaming as I wake pronouncing
This world too is mine
I have and shall conqure
Am one in the same
Human and living
Not some bastard hound
Ruined and abused waiting for death
At it's master's fee

We are not all the same friend.
We do not all laugh at Madea
 Eat collards
Interrupting the movie with snapping greasy fingers;
We do not all greet each other with nigga
Procreate out of laziness
Need someone to save us
Mold us
Corral us
Reduction us
To children lost
And too many sad songs...

Let us scream
Let us live
Let us

Know This

Your arms will still hold
Lips forever kiss
And I'll lick to catch a taste
Close my eyes and still see
As mind drowns in wanting.

I will bathe beneath streams
Walk familiar paths
Look to clouds and stars
As you slowly release
Get to moving on
Hoping not to be called
By the elixir of absence.

Know this
You've moved
Intoxicated me
 Made partial complete
And will rest upon my mind
Each time I touch my lips
Feel an empty space so cold in loneliness
Of not having you near
Yes I fear
Know this
That I too could love you...

Robin's Song

Shall I dance with you?
Should I play with you?
Can I lay with you
One more night in your arms?

Shall I talk with you?
Should I listen too?
I could dream with you
As long as you stay here in my arms.

Slowly quiet kisses
Moments slipping across my heart;
Purest wonders
Loneliness disappears and I depart
Lay truth at your feet
In the palm of your hands holding me.

Shall I sing to you?
Should I touch you
I could heal your wounds
If you'd have me as air.

Moments quiet misses
Each time you disappear into your past
Leave me standing palms-out
Wanting nothing more
Than to hold your heart.

Shall I dance with you?
Should I slow you?
Show you I