Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forget Me Not

He made me forget
Made me toss rationale aside
Till all there was left
Was gut
Uninhibited emotion
And new beginnings
Volatile and exquisite
Like new worlds forming.

With him I wanted to see
Photographs and memories
On night stands and book shelves
Covered in age's dust
And people smiling because
Just because it was us
As if it always was
And only time was the culprit
Keeping us apart.

He made me touch desire;
Made it a tangible thing
I could somehow wrap myself in
In those cold callous moments
Chalked up to life
So I could be at peace
Time was the only culprit
And not my unfortunate realities
In keeping us apart.

He made me forget
Remembering only the ambrosia of his smile
Sweetness honey-suckle kisses
Stolen between leaves
As they turned a deeper shade of love
Only to fall dead and dying
In that fall of confusion
To yet be reborn
When at last we could be in presence.