Sunday, August 14, 2011

Too Close To Lonely

Walking home
Wanting to be alone
A little too close to lonely
Looking to the heavens
Searching for the stars
Once seeming so abundant
Long ago in my youth
Left only with these lights
And sounds of sirens wailing
To hold me
Remind me that I'm here
In this place
And of course I should be thankful
But a little too close to lonely
And I'm in a selfish mood tonight

Walking home
Wanting to be alone
Looking for the right music to move me
Hoping this could love
Despite a lifetime too close to lonely
Abandoned again
Despite the
Hands that raised
Minds that set on guiding
And souls which happen to cross
Underneath lights
In between sirens
Forcing so many away
To less complicated fields
With stars abundant
One has to only look up
And dream...
Star light
Star bright...