Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Sunlight whispers secrets to my dreams
Wakes me reminiscing of things
I can't begin to explain;
The desert of my conscience
Waits for a rain.

Flower's petals bloom to reveal
Universe's essence and still
I long for God to explain
Why with this forest in bloom
Is there so much rain?

Huddled in the darkness of my mind
I embark on a journey to find
Answers to my pain
Explanations for my rains
Over-flooding the fields of me;
My attempts to swim so vain.

Sunlight peeks through the window at me
Fading from clouds upon the horizon I see
Again, I can't begin to explain
That beckoning chorus
Just ahead of those rains.

One would think I've learned by now
To shelter and save
Keep my soul from drowning
Within the storm's wake
One would think I'd be satisfied
Head above the waves
Moving ever-forward towards that land upon the horizon,
But no,
It escapes me,
Because there are always adventures in the wait
New and stunning
They creep through my murk to find me
Each and every time though I try escape
Because pain is comfort
And that window for change seems to only come
This time of the year
This side of a beer
And yes,
The explicit tear
Protruding but never quite falling
From this side of me
As the sun sets and I make blessings of regrets...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Not enough time between stations anymore
Never enough time on platforms
To extrapolate and thus form
Staccato verses to inform
The world of my perceptions.

Running out of time standing here
Sitting here
I search for elongated stanzas
Characters to better tell tales
Of this great vanishing act which becomes me
As it was me
And shall be me;
Because it was before me.

Not enough momentum
Even the trains seem slower
With a caution based in lawsuits
And mass spiritual gentrification
Or was that pacification of the mind of this place
Every place in the sunset so far as I can tell.

And Chris drew a picture in school today
One he hoped would make his father cry
A picture of himself with a gun in his hand
Standing by a mass of people with no eyes...

Cartoon characters make easier truths
Of souls running with no life
Than delayed tracks
Inaudible announcements
And too much trash lost from situations that aren't right.
There never seems to be enough time anymore
Looking for answers on faces which speak far too similar
A beige world of existence
I long for colors I cannot comprehend
And a taste upon my tongue
Only the devil could defend...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Step Step Twirl

People dance just as they did in childhood
They commandeer a space
Maneuvering about everyone's gyrations
As if it was just they and the music;
Move about with an inspiration lacking
As I grey
As I fall prey to the beast of time
And I want to move.

I want to release
Unbounded by the movements taught to me
Which despite my continuous efforts
Predicate every response I have to this rhythm known simply
As life....

Monday, July 7, 2014

Prayer Beyond Sunset

Blue moon sings sweet and low
A delicate tune to open my eyes
Turn the air that surrounds
To something which slows
My thoughts
Allowing me to see clearly
Despite the tainted goggles which grace my face.

Blue moon as I cross the ever again
And promises spoken in haste return;
Children angry anointed with the failings of their father.
Save me
Save me
Save me
Save me...

And would they even care
Knowing where their children are?
Blue moon answers back to me
That I already know the answers to the riddles I produce.

Blue me
Blue moon upon my tongue as stars fall
And left unanswered
Twisted tones as blues turn to blacks
And midnight's back to me
Scarred and desperate for minutes more to rule
Before sunrise has it's fun...

Blue moon speaks
To blue me
Blue eyes which see
And shed blue tears
Because there are no other shades
No other fates
And truth will cease to reveal itself.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another Summer Song

The shifts in their strides.
The way they stop at the rails and look out,
The way the sun kisses gentle in this shade
And I reveal just a tad too much of me.
The way they congregate
Seeking to stain winter's color away
As diamonds dance within the waves
And the clouds
Appear to stand in place.
The way they sing in my ear
Make love to my eyes
In a procreation of art and life
Just beneath the surfaces of our existence.
The way he glances
Drops his penny for my thoughts,
And is that two dimes I see next?
Desperation drips,
Like sweat,
Too much effort, and one could drown.
They vacate.
My needs truncate
And I end just as I started;

Plain Talk

In truth,
It was a pernicious thing,
That decision.
Even more so,
That desire sown through harmonized characters
And existence's
Subdued scream which no one answered to.

In truth,
The mind split;
Partially upon a cross
While the other half traversed a brutal road
Ragged with time's deception
That questions would diminish
And answers abundant
Would grace my ears
Reverberating peace.

In hindsight,
Rear view mirror to the horizon,
No turn I could've taken
Would've delivered me to a happiness
I foreshadowed would never exist;
Which is why I look forward
Past the souls who said no
And a youth I'll never recapture
To slip further into today and tomorrows
I can only pray to see...

Fifth Floor Looking Out

Fifth floor looking out
Fifth floor wanting out
Fifth floor and I'm in doubt
'Bout what my soul's been putting out;
Karma's bitch, I'm putting out
Giving up the ass without a doubt
Getting fucked from the way I played me
Now it's made me
Nature's imbecile
A daily bitter pill
Which hopes to keep me erect for the masses
Keep me intact for the classes
Classless children whom ingeminate
Mistakes mistaken for advances
Of a colonized mind I longed to escape
And a galvanized will just to vacate
The premesis of my youth
As the cross sought to asphyxiate.

Fifth floor looking out 

Into the pit without a doubt
Watch the next relic put in place
Disappearance of my face
As they race, one hundred k over asking
They trample nature in stampede 
And the penguins?
They're basking;
Bitter pill popped again
Swallow hard
No liquids to ease it down
And now 
The side effects to what I've been asking
To stay in this game a few extra lifetimes
And maybe I'll get it right
On the sixth floor
Behind another door
And music I can dance to
Getting next to, 
(Or is it back to?)
That Lilliputian thing I misplaced
And just knowing,
Better yet,

Fifth floor looking out
And then down to the shore
Another success story of puttin' out
Everything and amost everyone that mattered;
But the sights are beautiful still
Abundant still
As the more they changed
You know the rest
And it's best I get to movin'
Shuffling past this time and space meant for me
Even if momentarily 
Yet oh so constantly.

A Matter of Time

How I wish that you were mine
How I long to have you
Steal you away from your love
How I dream you;
Envision you laying your secrets
Only to mine ears.
To dance with you
Partner you
Waltz you until we are one
And eternity is our playground
In life
Never in death's black slumber.
How I wish that you were mine...

Pretty Liars

Pretty liars in front of me
Pretty liars beside me
Surrounded by these fallacious beings
My conscious sighs relief I am not taken to pursuit.

I have never bothered with perfection
It is a hollow thing
Which can only occur in one's mind
With a generous nod of hope, that others will agree;
Pretty liars make puppeteers wealthy
Moving effortlessly in tune with their unseen chords
Unseen cords
As they dance the dance of subjugation in hordes
Mistaking options for freedom.

It is a wondrous thing,
Delicate presentation,
A recognition of the art of presentation
In honor of one's nature and it's place within society;
Pretty liars forget the nature of men
Whom see beauty clear and concise;
They'll still be there in the morning if they love you.