Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Not enough time between stations anymore
Never enough time on platforms
To extrapolate and thus form
Staccato verses to inform
The world of my perceptions.

Running out of time standing here
Sitting here
I search for elongated stanzas
Characters to better tell tales
Of this great vanishing act which becomes me
As it was me
And shall be me;
Because it was before me.

Not enough momentum
Even the trains seem slower
With a caution based in lawsuits
And mass spiritual gentrification
Or was that pacification of the mind of this place
Every place in the sunset so far as I can tell.

And Chris drew a picture in school today
One he hoped would make his father cry
A picture of himself with a gun in his hand
Standing by a mass of people with no eyes...

Cartoon characters make easier truths
Of souls running with no life
Than delayed tracks
Inaudible announcements
And too much trash lost from situations that aren't right.
There never seems to be enough time anymore
Looking for answers on faces which speak far too similar
A beige world of existence
I long for colors I cannot comprehend
And a taste upon my tongue
Only the devil could defend...

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