Friday, January 22, 2010


Yes it has a been awhile. With the approach of Black History Month and a moment of clarity thanks the awesomeness that is Sade, this piece came to me... Enjoy, and keep the faith!


Stolen heart
Caged upon golden shores
Carried away
In bellies of greed
Upon saline waves
We followed the gourd

Stolen fruit
Sweetest plums
Beaten and bruised
For the juice therein
To rest in the bellies of men
Who would build their nation

Stolen tears
Wails beneath the sun
Now forgotten songs
Blue rhythms
Lifted to the gourd
What lay beyond
Hope and a faith
As real as the greed
In the bellies of men

Stolen tongue
Made silent
Only to yell
Carrying a million
Screams unheard
In the bush
And beneath the waves
Of escape
As we followed the gourd
Looking to fill our bellies
With the promises of men
Eating and defecating
At their own tables...