Saturday, June 19, 2010

Binding Ties

Trying to make sense
Of ties that bind
I'm up a little late.

Stories flow
Stories I never imagined here
With us;
Not that things were ever perfect
But I know they did a better job
Than to deserve a fate
Second only to hell itself.

That sacrifice could be made
And not returned
Shouldn't shock me
Our world is still full of sin
Even after that ultimate sacrifice;
A side still pierced
To drain life's blood.

The errors unrecognized in youth
Become the troubles of age
Unless ties that bind
Are strengthened;
The ties that bind
Through adversity of the soul
Remain strong
Within me
As I draw closer
To those decisions
That beg one to prove
Ultimately show
Who they've become
Further along life's path.

The Wanting

Wanting you
I drown in dreams
Beneath the things
I want to do
Upon having you.

Wanting you
I occupy
Too many things denied
Beneath the flesh
Within the sins
Of places I want to go
So far to have you know
I want you so.

First star I see
I'll wish for you and me
First tear that falls
Waiting on your call
Makes sweeter everything
Truth of all
I want to do
Upon having you.

Wanting you
I'm skirting clues
Maybe it's too late
To swim in you
Without needing rescue
From beneath the blue
From beneath my pleas
Obstructing advancement
Through your tides
Seeking to drown my being
In my daydream
Which consumes
All I want to do
Upon having you...

Thank-You Note

Dedicated to my dad. Happy Father's Day...

"Thank-You Note"

Through silence
I thank you.
Through quiet existence
I thank you.
Through internal peace
I thank you.
Through spiritual affirmation
I thank you.
Through the struggle
Through the tears
Through the successes
I thank you.
Through their eyes
I thank you.

I've never been much of a man
But I'm an amazing individual
Who breathes
Exuding lessons
You knew only time would prove
Were learned well;
I never been much of a son
But everyday I'm entrusted
To be the father you were to me
And so I thank you.

I thank you today
Every time
Decisions come
And I am able to respond
With pride
Not just from myself
But others
Who look to me
To be the leader
They take me to be.

In honor
I thank you.
In principles
I thank you.
In honesty
I thank you.
Through Alike
Breath and blood
I thank you.

What I was
What I am
What I shall be
I thank you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Days Like This

Org. written yesterday, I got in too late to post it. In honor of June 7th, 2010... Enjoy!

"Days Like This"

It's days like this
Despite the sadness of the world
All is beautiful.

Days like this
Everyone smiles
Of all that is beautiful.

You don't see the cracks
In sidewalks or life
And for a moment fleeting
You are transported back
To almost any time
Connected in the art
Of relaxation.

Days like this
Despite the truth
You never want to go away;
Despite the occasional cloud
You know the sun will shine again
That love will find a way
And ultimately
We will all be at peace
In the beautiful moments
Of memories
Of days like this.

Monday, June 7, 2010

June Paradox

Sippin' on my tea
Thinkin' equality
My meaning of
Too much is
No price to pay
We give
Sling it out to the masses
So much now they
Without thinking
Where's mine?
In my pocket
Paradox being
I work for me
Yet I pay for you
And 'Sam gives you more money back?
Yet you say
That I am free
This and that is
Even the word includes

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Here in silence
I am thinking
Around debris
Of a broken world
Waiting for a sunrise
That may never come
In my darkest hour
Of escape...

Is there light
Over where you are?
Far away
On the eternal horizon;
Is there pain?
Is there peace
And have the people changed
Beyond the flesh
Further from the sinner
We are all born to be?

Here in silence
Waiting for a sound
Longing for the strange
To devour me with it's hate;
In my thinking hour
A sinner on his shame
Searching the void
Through the pictures of his past
Fading slowly
Slowly to his fate...

Deliver me from the black.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ending To Begin

Stars are only fading photographs
And wind
A precursor to change
Our direction's blowing sadly
Toward annihilation's plain.

Whispers are for children
And a time
When one wants to lie to themselves
Lie that they are so important
Nothing matters but the self

Universe expands
Only to collapse upon itself
One in the same
Our society
Waiting for deflation
God's balloon in a garden
Where unruly children play
Whispering their secrets
Stealthily on their paths to doom
On their paths to age

Now I see the light
Unafraid to turn the page
Ending to begin
Just to grace a stage
Infinite as the cosmos to which time plays
Beneath the universal truth
For as much life that fades
Still even more death remains
Hidden in the darkest winds of change...