Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Sunlight whispers secrets to my dreams
Wakes me reminiscing of things
I can't begin to explain;
The desert of my conscience
Waits for a rain.

Flower's petals bloom to reveal
Universe's essence and still
I long for God to explain
Why with this forest in bloom
Is there so much rain?

Huddled in the darkness of my mind
I embark on a journey to find
Answers to my pain
Explanations for my rains
Over-flooding the fields of me;
My attempts to swim so vain.

Sunlight peeks through the window at me
Fading from clouds upon the horizon I see
Again, I can't begin to explain
That beckoning chorus
Just ahead of those rains.

One would think I've learned by now
To shelter and save
Keep my soul from drowning
Within the storm's wake
One would think I'd be satisfied
Head above the waves
Moving ever-forward towards that land upon the horizon,
But no,
It escapes me,
Because there are always adventures in the wait
New and stunning
They creep through my murk to find me
Each and every time though I try escape
Because pain is comfort
And that window for change seems to only come
This time of the year
This side of a beer
And yes,
The explicit tear
Protruding but never quite falling
From this side of me
As the sun sets and I make blessings of regrets...

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