Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Lessons Learned"

For the students of PS#36 / Brooklyn, NY - I was asked to perform a piece
for the school's 1st talent show and had no idea what to say. Then, as has happened countless times before, a thought and image struck me as I rode the subway to yet another pool match... the following is the result of that thought. Enjoy...

"Lessons Learned"

Like butterfly wings
Possibility and dreams
I have for you and I
After lessons taught
A change of thought?

Derogatory smiles
And after awhile
Your innocence becomes
Reality I sing
Yet possibility I dream
As free as butterflies
Delicate as wings
A symphony together we bring
A bit o' the walk
A bit o' da talk
As sweet as cookies made
Hopeful as dreams they fade
And butterfly wings
Carry us to things
Beyond the lessons taught
A change of thought?

The unintentional smile
And a learning child
That makes me think of things
As far away as butterfly dreams
And delicate things
In the reality I sing
Of innocence forgotten
And the control so sought
After lessons taught
Will you have a change of thought?

The mind that learns
Spreading its wings
Discovering things beyond the sun
Stars and familiar dreams
Behind eyelids shut
And delicate screams
Beyond lessons taught
Knowing survival is
A change of thought...


Ever hear a song and get inspired? Much thanks to Grace Jones' "This is Life"...One of the best musical representations of my spirit I have ever heard. Enjoy!


This is the paper
Given to me
Born of wood
Weathered hand
Of the machine
Of man;
This is a pen
Chosen by me
Durable simplicity
A reflection
This is my weapon
The words that I bleed
I laid down the spear
Left the jungle long ago
My keys to the world
A language bestowed
From heaven
Through sin
Is where I always begin
But by no means end;
This is my sunset
My stars in clear sky
Path through darkened forest
Place where I hide
Is what happens
When it’s not about talkin’
What happens
When the world and subways
Are rockin’
Me back and forth
Through clouds and wonder
My voice
This is
My weapon of choice.


Sometimes I just get in that funk that's best suited for a slow jam about love and loss of love. As I didn't have my i-pod on me at the time, I instead composed this little diity... As always, enjoy! Comments are always appreciated...


If I told you that you were beautiful
Would you forgive me of the things
That came between us here?
The heartache and the fear.

If I wanted you to fly away
In my arms just one more day
Would you stay?
Breathe me into you?

I'm here in these tears
Wanting your love to take away
All the little things I forgot to say
To keep you warm in the dark
Guide your way through the storm
That grows unseen
Be the sparrow singing of your spring.

I'm sorry, and what am I to say?
If I told you that you were beautiful
Would you stay?

A man upon his knees
His tears of longing see
But you would wash your hands of me.
Tell me what did I do wrong
When it seemed so right
If I asked to stay the night
Would you fly away with me in my arms?
Underneath my wings
Here to keep you warm
As I sing of your spring
The need to have you here in my dark
The need to keep you here in my heart...

If you knew that you were beautiful
Then I wouldn't have to sing
Together we could fly
Together we
Could dream.

"Last Night"

Kinda like "Never", and for the most part the majority of my works, this one started out on a melody. I like this one better of the 2, but you be the judge... Enjoy!

"Last Night"

Love took me to forever last night
Brought me back my sunshine
Made me stand upon the edge
My eyes shut tight
Ready to fall into the unknown
Just a kiss away
Despite the cold
I think I want to stay;

Love reminded me last night
I'm a child of beauty
Caressed my skin in total silence
As if it had forgotten me
As if it couldn't see
And needed to know
That despite the cold
This is where it belonged;

Love filled me up last night
From head to sole
Straight through my soul
Into my dreams
To just a breath away
from my sunshine beams
And the things
Caught on cotton exhales
Produced against the cold
Just a kiss away
And yes I want to stay...


Sometimes a note gets stuck in my brain and words form... If I don't get it down quickly, I lose it. This one didn't get away...well, all the way... Enjoy!


Despite your clouds
I love your rain
Despite your burn
I want your pain
But I’ll never treat you wrong.

Despite your ground
You are a sky
Eternally within my eye
Despite your heart
I see your soul
And can’t deny
I never want to be alone
I’ll never treat you wrong.

Despite your dark
I want your night
Despite your wrong
It feels so right
Despite the tears
I’d hold you tight
Despite the fight
I’ll never treat you wrong.

See me here
Within this light
Despite the reasons
Let fate decide
Despite your want
I have the need
To feel your rain
To know your burn
For you to learn
I’ll never treat you wrong.