Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fifth Floor Looking Out

Fifth floor looking out
Fifth floor wanting out
Fifth floor and I'm in doubt
'Bout what my soul's been putting out;
Karma's bitch, I'm putting out
Giving up the ass without a doubt
Getting fucked from the way I played me
Now it's made me
Nature's imbecile
A daily bitter pill
Which hopes to keep me erect for the masses
Keep me intact for the classes
Classless children whom ingeminate
Mistakes mistaken for advances
Of a colonized mind I longed to escape
And a galvanized will just to vacate
The premesis of my youth
As the cross sought to asphyxiate.

Fifth floor looking out 

Into the pit without a doubt
Watch the next relic put in place
Disappearance of my face
As they race, one hundred k over asking
They trample nature in stampede 
And the penguins?
They're basking;
Bitter pill popped again
Swallow hard
No liquids to ease it down
And now 
The side effects to what I've been asking
To stay in this game a few extra lifetimes
And maybe I'll get it right
On the sixth floor
Behind another door
And music I can dance to
Getting next to, 
(Or is it back to?)
That Lilliputian thing I misplaced
And just knowing,
Better yet,

Fifth floor looking out
And then down to the shore
Another success story of puttin' out
Everything and amost everyone that mattered;
But the sights are beautiful still
Abundant still
As the more they changed
You know the rest
And it's best I get to movin'
Shuffling past this time and space meant for me
Even if momentarily 
Yet oh so constantly.

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