Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kiss The Sky

Bind my wrist
You make me cry
Think I don't understand
How you deny

You look at me
Puppet we
Confuse our memory
Till we think
It we
And thus it be

Oh my, my little bird
Build your nest
Make it best
Push your children to the sky
Upon their wings
Before it take a cage
To have them sing

Want to be
Your history
Got me thinkin'
It be 'bout time
To uprise
Kiss the sky
Beyond the dream
Beyond those fantasies sold to us
Which make me want to scream

Little bird
Watch your wings
Before they
Your wings
Watch you fall
Now denied
Watch you fall
Beside the spring
Just to pick you up
Place you in cage
To sing

Oh my, my
How I try
Despite my wrist
Within these twist

Oh my, my
How I try
Despite these fist
I cannot raise
For it is believed the way
And though
Would bury me
Want to
Chop my tree
Get to testing me
I will survive
I have survived
And thus
We survive
Build our nest
Make it best
Push our children
To spread their wings
It takes a cage
To hear them sing;
Push our souls
To higher rise
Spread our wings
Kiss the sky...

Choice Words

The problem
Is choice.

Eloquence retreats
In matters of choice
As souls deem it fine
To impede on historical sensitivities.

The problem
Is you and I
Allowing those
Who would deny us the choice
To dictate our lives
With this illusion
Of making of difference
Through choice
Or better yet,
The will of the people
Knowing full well
Beyond emerald delicacies
Choice withers
Under the oppression of fact
That when given a choice
Someone will always make the wrong
Simply because
They choose to do so...