Sunday, June 8, 2014


I loved the way we tasted
It reminded me of the way we taste
Made me think of what they tasted
That first time
Those many times
Cocoa to cream
Struggle to dream
I wonder why
I dare not dive completely
Into the depths of a darkness
One would think familiar and comforting.

I love the way you tasted
Familiar mystery
You lay upon my tongue
A weight of understanding
I could not help but question
Which no one seems to have the time for;
Your rebuke violent and swift
Caused me to fall
Into the cracks of broken dreams
And possibilities no longer sacred.

With every touch of your hand
A yearning called
To return again
To you
Where passion and desire culminated in a kiss...
I love the way we tasted,
The way we teased,
I teased,
You attempting to seduce
And the both of us loving
If just for minute
Thoughts of what could be
If one of us would listen.
If one of us would hear.

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