Sunday, June 15, 2014

Six Fifteen Fourteen

You want words
Want love, I don't know I can give
Caught upon a past paradise
Without sin you live
Leaving me these days
To try and come up with some reason to praise
The way they do
When it comes to you, untouchable
But I can only drown in the proof...

I languish behind
You summed it up when you said
'I prefer' another kind
Please keep your hurt
On a day like this I've enough to go around
The sun
A light
I could never be
Still I long for words of honesty
To show a mortal side
A human face
God afforded you the chance to misplace;
You want words?
Or maybe it's my heart?
My submission?
For me to go in your way?
I know, 'God's'
It comes back to a light
A mystery
A dying uniformity just to get you by
Just to give you hope
Something I clung to every night
That somehow I'd awake and I'd make it right;
This day
I'm pained to say
I wish would just go away.

You want what she gives
Despite the sins
She lingers
Fulfills your fantasy,
I now,
Only have words
To taste my anger
To make up for your hurt
And questions I have no strength to ask
For all that it's worth
To hear three words
Even now I'm unsure I could utter
When it comes down to us.

Three words which haunt vividly
Because it continues
This regurgitation of your...
( exhale )

I wish I could tire,
Of hating you both.

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