Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Complex goodbyes
He exits with delicate deliberate moves
Ducking behind the column
To wave a last farewell.

She stutters in her age
Nervously offering reciprocation
As time is winning
From her heels to her hands
Further still to her face
She smiles now alone
Thinking of this possible last chance
Last dance for love.

I wonder them
We in the schemes
And trappings of this need
Despite gravity
Of situation and flesh;
I go back to his eyes
Contorted visage
And how beautiful it became
As that moment unfolded
And he hid there
Only for her
For them
For that elongated departure
And the fact that he was just as surprised
There could be any interest.

I knew this watching
Observing one of the finer points of existence
They looked like first timers,
Or was it long time since'rs?
They bring color vivid
To my otherwise monotone palate
As he finally makes his way up the station stairs
A nervous twitch in his spine
His body
His heart
Longing to steal just one more glance
And she
Now snuggling eyes-closed
In the memories of a touch
And the playful games
One whom's in love
Can never tire of playing...

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