Thursday, September 18, 2014


Said it best
Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Yes, I recognize that I live in a different world
Recognize that I am a relic
Another antiquated piece of history
My nation works at erasing
Eradicating from it's pages
Until sheets are left riddled with stains
From words and deeds now apparitions
And bullet holes where our collective soul drained
To again fuel
As it did before
Our captors greed.

Yes, I got whipped as a child
Whooped as a child
As a child;
To that end, I am now loathed
Because I say 'yes 'mam'
'No sir' and think to nod in acknowledgement
Of another human being
Another struggle
Another sense of purpose
And, hell
Just to brighten someone's day.

I got a beat-down every so often
For my actions
And the fact I repeatedly tried to have things go my way
Crossed boundaries
And refused to
Get with the program
Of survival out of love
And ensuring I was a productive citizen
Able to hold my own
Know my worth
And never let a system make decisions for me
That I should be making for myself.

I got tore up
Marked up even once
My mother so tired of my lies and attempts
To publicly humiliate her that she needed to go there
Needed to get in that ass to such a degree...

Parenting it was called
Better to sting for a little now
Than to hurt for a lifetime
Fuel for a lifetime
My country's need
To keep a nigger in place
Because the heart of the place
Only recycles the same blood it shed to exist;
Because the soul of this place...
Well, does an animal even have one?

So to answer the question on your mind,
I would strike my child
Whip my flesh
Spank my blood
Get into that ass
And love them
Love them
Pray them understanding
Hope them strong respectful minds
That understand the nature of the beast
Which lies in wait behind these Stars and Stripes
Ready to devour
Masticate them spiritually
Masturbate them commercially
And shit them out
Into the next ghetto province it seeks to create...

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